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1:40am 02-05-2011
Have you managed to bring out the 12v system yet on the Stair kit ?
Replied on: 6:46am 02-05-2011

Not yet. Please check back in April.

2:06pm 01-17-2011
Andy G
The stair controller is a fantastic idea.I am definitely interested.Can the child alert be activated in the latest version and does the assembled unit come in a housing?
Replied on: 6:50am 02-05-2011

There is an low voltage, low current output that can be used for whatever you want in this version. The unit does not come in a housing however one can be purchased locally. There are lots of generic alarm cabinets that would work just fine for this unit.

8:51pm 01-15-2011
I have a question about spinning led display,, can I program the text that I want to appear?
Replied on: 6:51am 02-05-2011

You can make it say whatever you want.

4:01pm 12-11-2010
david s. ballestas
I was referring to the ultra sound
3:58pm 12-11-2010
david s. ballestas
I will like to know how much is the soft ware to do it with an iphone or any microsoft phone. thank you I was very impress
Replied on: 8:33am 06-30-2011

There should be info in the Hacked Gadgets article.

1:58pm 12-09-2010
i want to remodel mine
1:57pm 12-09-2010
Hey alan how are u doing just want to know how did u remodel that psp cause i like it thanks
Replied on: 6:53am 02-05-2011

Must have been something featured on Hacked Gadgets, there should be a link with more info.

12:01am 12-06-2010
and sir if it is possible so also send circuit diagram to it projects.
thank you
11:58pm 12-05-2010
hi sir
i am a diploma student in Gujarat and i wont to make rotating led display on Microcontroller based so it is possible?
if yes so i want to codding of microcontroller.
Replied on: 6:56am 02-05-2011

Sorry, there is no code that was saved for that project.

5:40am 11-25-2010
Replied on: 6:55am 02-05-2011

Good to hear from you.

11:46am 11-23-2010
Charles Pooley
Your rotating display reminded one I designed as a disco effect in 1980. 3 propeller blades with 64 LEDs on each. Made various swirling patterns randomly and synced with sound. Needed a dark room as LEDs then were nothing like today

current obsession Microlaunchers (google that)
8:01pm 11-15-2010
Saroj sahu
Respected Mr. Parekh,
Today I saw your site, I am new in this scenario. I work to popularise science in rural and tribal societies of orissa. I was searching for some DIY projects when I stumbled upon your site. Felt very happy. Can I take some advice on these thing in future. Thanking you Saroj Sahu, PURI, Orissa, India.
Replied on: 6:54am 02-05-2011

Yes you can.

8:13am 10-14-2010
Brendan Conlon
i bought some ocean blue 6000k LEDs from your website. do you still sell them? where do i find them on your website
Replied on: 8:37am 10-15-2010

You can find them in the store (there is a link at the top of the page that will take you there)

Here is the LED category page:


Alan Parekh

5:38am 09-23-2010
Sir ,
THanks for ur very helpful information.Sir i am doing my final year degree project on GPS data logger.
I have U-blox module which gives RMC and GGA output @4800 baud rate.I need this output to stored on SD card in seperate text files which will be named by day information by GPS module.Also i need this same RMC output on another serial port with selectable baud rate from300-152000 with the help of binary switches.
Can you please help me iwth this as it is very urgent for me to complete this project.
Next i want to do is to crosscheck this RMC lattitude and longitude information with pre deifned points and play the name of the place and display that on LED display board.This location information will be also stored on SD card.
Please sir let me know if i need to pay anything for this but it is very necessary for my academic progress.
Replied on: 11:00am 10-07-2010

I would think the best thing for this would be to use an Arduino and some shields. That would get your project along very quickly. Google Sparkfun or Adafruit for these parts.

4:54pm 08-27-2010
Do you have an ETA on when you will have the new version available that will turn the lights on one at a time and off one at a time. Basically the same question Kal asked bvut am wondering on the ETA for this as per I would like to use this system for my basement reno that is on progress right now.
Replied on: 10:58am 10-07-2010

It is now available. There is now an option to select the on one at a time option when ordering the controller.

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