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6:48pm 01-02-2020
Chinthaka Jacob
Hi Alan,

I purchased a stair light kit in 2016 from you and it was working fine until the last month. It seems to me that the IR receiver and transmitter is not functioning properly so that they need to be replaced. Do you have these components available and can I get it shipped to Australia or Sri Lanka?

9:48pm 09-13-2019
Chris L
I am interested in the ir jammer kit. How much and how do I order? Please email back soon
1:41pm 08-05-2019
Hello, your online store does not work, I am interested in buying your IR jammer kit, please contact me; My interest is serious.
12:09pm 08-05-2019
Hola, tu tienda en linea no funciona, me interesa comprarte tu kit de jammer IR, por favor contactame; mi interés es serio.
1:08am 07-31-2019
Hi Alan

Your store is not working. I am interested in your IR JAMMER.

Please email me.

10:10am 11-18-2018
Gary L Anderson
Your store is not working
3:55pm 04-19-2018
Hello Alan,

We would like to be added to your Electronic Test Equipment Page on Our Website is we rent and sell used Test equipment specializing in EMC.
2:01am 04-05-2018
Hi Alan
It look like the link is not working to purchase this stairs light kit. Could you gel on this or email me.
1:03pm 12-11-2017
Popa Raul
Hello, can you provide me the source code for the PIC microcontroller (stair light) ? The online store is not functioning. Thank you.
10:56pm 10-17-2017
Mitch Fowler
Why can I not get into stair light store? The message says it does not exist.
5:23am 10-21-2016
siebe bruyn
i looked to your design of the stair lights .
my question is , is the schematisch sigrid . so can i get the info how you made it ?
5:45am 08-24-2016
Hi Alan
i need to design an experiment using an lm35dz temperature sensor to determine the sensitivity of the sensor
3:13am 04-17-2016
Sonja Hoem
Can you contact me for snowrobots?
I live in Norway and want to test it in my city so if you have contacts about this issue please contact me on
From S.Hoemso
3:12am 04-17-2016
Sonja Hoem
Can you contact me for snowrobots?
I live in Norway and want to test it in my city so if you have contacts about this issue please contact me on
From S.Hoemso
11:19pm 03-13-2016
Manas Bose
Respected sir,

Myself Manas Bose, Sir I am working on a project, where I have to control a stepper motor step control with the help of a potentiometer, and arduino the sir I have wrote a skech with the help of a friend attached herewith, it is working fine.

Sir now I want to make this thing wireless, sir I want to use 2 arduino and 2 xbee, on sending side a arduino, xbee, and a potentiometer will be there. On receiving side a arduino, xbee and a stepper motor will be there. Earlier one setup I made with servo motor.

Sir, I and my friend don't have adequate knowledge of c ++, I hereby request u to kindly help
In the coding, or at least if u can throw some light on it.

Hope to be favored please
Thanking you

#include <Stepper.h>
int current_position = 0;
const char direction_pin = 2;
const char step_pin = 3;
const char pot_pin = 1; //analog input 1
void setup()
pinMode(direction_pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(step_pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(pot_pin, INPUT);

void loop()
int readvalue = analogRead(pot_pin);
readvalue = map(readvalue,0,1023,0,1151);
if (readvalue > current_position)
current_position += 1;
else if (readvalue < current_position)
current_position -= 1;
}//end of loop

void step_motor_forward()
digitalWrite(direction_pin, LOW);
digitalWrite(step_pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(step_pin, LOW);

void step_motor_back()
digitalWrite(direction_pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(step_pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(step_pin, LOW);
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