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11:04am 04-21-2010
Nice. Your projects are so amazing.
12:09pm 04-16-2010
Your projects are so amazing.
11:59am 04-16-2010
Polakowski Czeslaw
Jestem z polski i mieszkam w niemczech i podziwiam te piekne wynalaski .Bardzo fajne.
czy jest mozliwosc otrzymania do HDD Fan pic12F675 asemb?
pozdrawiam Czeslaw Kassel 16.04.2010
7:34am 04-09-2010
Hi Alan
Your projects are so amazing. I'm making a project like your rotating led but i just don't understand how the board gets it’s negative from the motor because the shaft of my DC motor isolate with the case of motor. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks
Replied on: 11:55am 06-13-2010

To do it the same way I did you would need to find one that is not isolated.

10:53pm 03-27-2010
4:30pm 03-20-2010
Thomas Augood
Hi Alan
any idea when the HDD clock will be available as a kit?
Replied on: 11:54am 06-13-2010


9:37am 03-12-2010
Do you sell the kit to make the hard-drive clock. I have dozens of hard-drives in my garage and 3.5 disk drives.
I am n ot an electronics whizz, but with step by step instructions and the parts, I feel I am competent enough to build this.
ty, Karl
Replied on: 11:53am 06-13-2010

We don't sell it yet but it should be done soon.

7:28pm 03-04-2010
David Marshall
Received the clock kit. Excellently packaged. Hope to start on it very soon.
Replied on: 11:50am 06-13-2010


10:13am 02-14-2010
I'm making LED turn signals for my Jeep. Those little LED boards are a big help.
I'm sure I'll have voltage ?'s later.
Nice site.
Replied on: 11:50am 06-13-2010

Glad to hear they worked good for you!

10:46pm 01-19-2010
Hi ,
I want to know how a character is mapped with some values to make led on and off.
How to find this some value for every character. kindly help its regarding my college project
Replied on: 11:48am 06-13-2010

You can make your own or use something like this.

5:09pm 01-07-2010
Replied on: 2:23am 01-08-2010


1:39pm 01-05-2010
Thomas Augood
just a few questions i have for you

on the single button entry thing:
- what voltage is output?
- if it is in the normaly open hole will it put a constant out put until the right code is entered and then cut off the output for the set amount of time or is it the other way round?

on the hard drive clock
- when you get round to doing a kit for it (hopefully very soon), would you be able to add a RTC to it so i can use it as an actual clock?
Replied on: 2:26am 01-08-2010

Hi Thomas,

There is no voltage that comes out by default, there is a relay that activates. Have a look at this page for a some more details of how a relay operates.

The Hard Drive Clock will be able to keep accurate time when it is made into a kit.

1:06pm 01-03-2010
Christopher JONES
Alan, I just watched your "What really ticks me off" rant from about "Fixing a Plasma TV" and "Engineering Headhunters" and really enjoyed it in your quixotic Ozzie accent. Very entertaining - and I commiserate. As I get just as ticked off about similar things - but it was strangely cathartic to see you rant on like that. Now I know how I look (except in a Canadian accent eh?) Thank-you for helping me laugh at myself and I know that next time I feel my blood pressure rising because of something that "ticks me off" I will remember your video and it will ease my temper in some way. That may have been your intent - or maybe not. Thanks anyways. crj
Replied on: 3:29am 01-05-2010

Hi Christopher,

Actually this post you are talking about

Was done by Dave Jones, see his blog here

I also got a kick out of the fix!

4:45am 12-28-2009
Thomas augood
Hi Alan

does the HDD have to be a certain speed for the HDD clock
if so what speed?
also if i had one at a different speed what values would i have to change in the code?

Replied on: 3:40am 01-05-2010

I believe the drive is a 5400 RPM drive. Unfortunately there is no simple way of changing the value with out recompiling the code. I will probably be making this project into a kit soon. The kit would automatically detect RPM.

12:24am 12-24-2009
Nice stuff and great descriptions. Thanks and keep then coming
Replied on: 3:41am 01-05-2010


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