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7:08pm 12-01-2009
hi alan,
i'm a computer science student .... my graduation project is about human computer interaction in which i use the wii mote device to track IR LEDS...but i noticed that the wii mote can't recognize which is the first LED and which is the second as these leds are fixed to the corners of a movable display which is used as projection surface ... when the display is out of the projection area or ata least 1 of the Leds on the corners is lost i need to estimate it to project the image correctly ...the problem is wii mote isn't able to know that this led is the first and the is the second so when the second is lost the third led becomes the second led there any method in which the wii mote can recognize the IR LEDS and keep them in order ? regards
Replied on: 3:45am 01-05-2010

Johnny Lee is the best guy to ask about that.

8:55pm 11-05-2009
Thomas Augood
does the hdd for the hdd clock have to be a certaib speed?
if so what speed?
Replied on: 3:43am 01-05-2010

Yes, the code was made to work with that drive in particular. I believe it is 5400 RPM

3:00pm 11-02-2009
Thomas Augood
Hi Alan
justanother quick question
can i use a PIC16F628A instead of a PIC16F628?
Replied on: 3:48am 01-05-2010

That is fine.

6:45pm 11-01-2009
Thomas Augood
Hi Alan
i want to buld a HDD clock but would it be possible for you to make a more detailed guide with pictures so that it is more clear and easier for me to understand?
Replied on: 3:48am 01-05-2010

There should be a kit available later this year.

6:20pm 10-24-2009
Alan, how about a copy of your code for the spooky Eyes?

Replied on: 5:52pm 10-30-2009

Hi Toby,

That project was featured on Hacked Gadgets. The code for the eyes can be found here.

3:57pm 10-24-2009
Hi Alan, attempting to build the HDD clock - have a Maxtor drive 250GB which has failed - MaxLine2, 4 platters, had clockwise rotation which has been solved by swapping 2 of the motor leads, does speed matter, not sure of its speed?
Thanks for a great site ;-)
Replied on: 5:53pm 10-30-2009

Yes the speed matters. Look in the code, there are values to adjust some of the time delays that have to do with speed.

9:13am 10-16-2009
Hi Alen I recently read about your Led_UV scanner and would be interested in having one. I would like to contact you in order to commision the building of a new one or buying an existing one.
Thanks in anticipation
Replied on: 5:55pm 10-30-2009

That scanner was only featured on Hacked Gadgets, we sell UL LEDs but we don't have built units available. Unfortunately it would be cheaper to buy a commercial unit that have a custom one of unit built...

4:10am 10-12-2009
Hello Alan,
I need your help to fix a LED Km/Ph meter to my Bike.(Bike POV).do you have any kits like that.???
Replied on: 5:53am 10-13-2009

We don't sell a kit like that. For general help I would suggest that you ask it in the Hacked Gadgets forum.

5:42pm 10-08-2009
hi alan I´m from colombia, I saw the hard drive clock and I think it´s really incredible. I want to do something like that. can you help to do that with the code specially and with more specifications with the parts?
thank you.
I wait for your answer.And i repeat again, congratulations for this excelent application.
Replied on: 5:55am 10-13-2009

Hi Jorge,

The code is available for free here. As far as parts go, you would need to purchase them yourself since we don't have a kit for that at the moment.

1:13am 10-08-2009
lookin circuits and hex file for Rotating LED Display
Replied on: 5:57am 10-13-2009

That code isn't available since the schematic was never provided.

12:13pm 10-07-2009
sir i am from india.i am making the same spinning display but i am doing a little modification like interfacing the display with a computer with a rs232...can you please guide how do i transfer the text and certain pictures
Replied on: 5:59am 10-13-2009

Simplest way would be to store them as columns of data and have an array of these columns stored in memory (probably would need additional storage space). Then the display would simply display the data.

2:04pm 09-09-2009
Hello i'm from belgium i want to make the rotating led display have you got the circuits pcb and componentlist of the project its important because its for my schoolexam.

Replied on: 8:43pm 09-16-2009

Sorry, that project was built without a formal schematic. No other documentation other than what is on the site is available.

7:22am 08-27-2009
Malleshsa Satti
Deae Sir,
I want build one application using Induction heating i.e.500litre of cane juice to be heated at a temperature of 200 degree cel. So plz give a solution to use this application. Which type of well should I use and coil structure etc . I waiting for ur reply.

Thanking you.
Replied on: 8:40pm 09-16-2009

Sorry, I have never designed a system like that before.

12:08pm 07-23-2009
I have some old hard drives and was really interested in your Hard Drive clock however I don't have a pci programmer nor very good knowledge on circuit boards I looked but might have missed. Do you have any kits that are already pre-assembled that I could buy from you or someplace I can get one pre-assembled and possibly programmed where all I would have to do is hook up the wires to the Hard Drive and cut the holes for the drive?
Replied on: 8:36pm 09-16-2009

Sorry, no kits are available yet. It is still planned but I am not sure when it will be done.

8:55pm 07-10-2009
You are awesome for designing such a great product to help your elderly kitty. God smiles on you!
Replied on: 4:09am 07-16-2009

Thanks Anne.

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