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9:33pm 05-11-2009
Allen! i just want to say hi! and good luck to you!
Replied on: 3:50am 05-26-2009

Thanks Petter.

8:00pm 05-11-2009
Charlie Wagner
Hi Allen, Followed here from you youtube video about the nr2003 dashboard. Great work. Wanna build me a unit I'll supply the dash(lol). I'm a mechanic and live for Nascar Racing 2003 only have basic electronic skills.
Best Regards,
Charlie #33, HardLuck Racing
Replied on: 3:48am 05-26-2009

Hi Charlie,

Sorry for the delay in response. That project was just featured on Hacked Gadgets and was not actually constructed by me. There should be a link in the article that will lead to additional information.

3:23am 04-29-2009
Dayna Jury

Hi Alan

well, it seems that the only fault seems to be me!! The test procedure was very useful for me to comprehend how the system worked as I haven't studied your design yet.

I went through test procedure and it worked all OK
I then hooked it back in and it didn't work. hmmm, tested continuity of cables, all OK
I then went through hooking up each led and testing it with jumpers in place on the board. all leds worked.
I then hooked up the IR and tested it and it worked.

Obviously human error factor working against me.

I have them setup on spiral stairs and they work great. Now all i have to do is drill the holes and mount them permanently .

Thanks for making this project!
Replied on: 7:54am 04-29-2009

Good to hear it is functioning again. Sounds like a cool set of stairs!


3:15pm 04-28-2009
Dayna Jury

Got the stair light kit, pre assembled, tested it on bench, worked great. Wired up into stairs, and went through setup mode worked great. powered down, disconnected setup wire and powered up but nothing works now, only the green light. checked all connections and they seem good. Is it possible to harm the chip by handling the board (when i disconnected the setup wire). i have tried setup mode again but that doesn't work either. what should i do now?

Replied on: 8:01pm 04-28-2009

Hi Dayna,

Sorry to hear you are having some troubles. Please disconnect all wires and try the controller test procedure again and let me know what the results are.


1:47pm 04-13-2009
Most excellent light display. "I love to see the imager scanner" up close. I am just amazed that such detailed lettering could be visible with so few LED's, Continuosly amazed,
Replied on: 8:02pm 04-28-2009

It looks great in person.

3:16pm 03-27-2009
Louis Wilkinson
Hello Alan,

Congratulations on a very interesting web site with excellent documentation ! I'd like to make a display like yours for our students and visitors .

Best regards,

Department of Physics
Occidental College
Los Angeles
Replied on: 3:46pm 03-27-2009

Thanks Lou,

Which display are you referring to? The rotating LED display?


1:44am 03-25-2009
Hey Alan,
Love the lights in the stair case.They look even better up close. As I said I will purchase them for my house. The clock is wild I have to come over again and have a closer look. This is my first visit to this site I will be back.

Awesome Stuff!
Replied on: 3:16am 03-25-2009

Thanks. We will have to get the stair lighting controller in your house this summer.

9:00am 03-16-2009
Hi Ala,

Just found your site. I'm really impressed. I have some home additions being done and I thought about LEDs on the stairway. Can you buy the parts to install an LED system like your videos show? Where?
Replied on: 11:38am 03-16-2009

Hi Ray,

You can purchase it here

1:25am 03-03-2009
Hey Alan,
i'm from orlando. i just came across your site. it looks good! keep hard working
Replied on: 2:17am 03-04-2009


12:52pm 02-04-2009
Hey Alan

Just wanted to say Hi from australia and i love your stair lights i think i might by some
Replied on: 10:11pm 02-05-2009

Thanks Matthew!

10:40am 01-23-2009
Is there a calculator location for resistors needed for led's. I can't seem to find it on your site.


Replied on: 1:32pm 01-23-2009

Hi Dave,

You can find it here:
LED Resistor Calculator

1:43am 12-13-2008
I really loved your site, you have real talent!Keep up the great work!
Replied on: 1:33pm 01-23-2009


6:03pm 12-09-2008
saw an awesome hard drive motorcycle... where are the instructions?!?!! help!!!
Replied on: 1:34pm 01-23-2009

Sounds like that was on Hacked Gadgets, it was just pictures and not build instructions...

4:42pm 12-02-2008
4:29pm 10-24-2008
Greg King
Your cat deserves a big fish! This is exactly what I've been looking for and the price is purrrrrfect! I have a basement home theater but the builders only installed a single pole switch at the TOP of the stairs. My son sleeps (lives?) in a room down there too and more often than not leaves the light on because he doesn't want to go back down the stairs in the dark. What I spend in parts to build this will be paid for the first two months it's in operation.
Well done!

Kenosha, WI USA
Replied on: 11:01pm 10-24-2008


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