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12:52pm 02-04-2009
Hey Alan

Just wanted to say Hi from australia and i love your stair lights i think i might by some
Replied on: 10:11pm 02-05-2009

Thanks Matthew!

10:40am 01-23-2009
Is there a calculator location for resistors needed for led's. I can't seem to find it on your site.


Replied on: 1:32pm 01-23-2009

Hi Dave,

You can find it here:
LED Resistor Calculator

1:43am 12-13-2008
I really loved your site, you have real talent!Keep up the great work!
Replied on: 1:33pm 01-23-2009


6:03pm 12-09-2008
saw an awesome hard drive motorcycle... where are the instructions?!?!! help!!!
Replied on: 1:34pm 01-23-2009

Sounds like that was on Hacked Gadgets, it was just pictures and not build instructions...

4:42pm 12-02-2008
4:29pm 10-24-2008
Greg King
Your cat deserves a big fish! This is exactly what I've been looking for and the price is purrrrrfect! I have a basement home theater but the builders only installed a single pole switch at the TOP of the stairs. My son sleeps (lives?) in a room down there too and more often than not leaves the light on because he doesn't want to go back down the stairs in the dark. What I spend in parts to build this will be paid for the first two months it's in operation.
Well done!

Kenosha, WI USA
Replied on: 11:01pm 10-24-2008


1:18pm 10-21-2008
Perfect enthusiastic website ! Thx for your postings at hackedgadgets too !
Replied on: 7:37pm 10-21-2008

You are very welcome.

4:58pm 10-03-2008
Well done!!
I am from brazil, and i am studing microcontroler ... can you send me the asm file? I show your home page to my teacher and I want make this project...

Sorry for my english

Replied on: 6:40pm 10-03-2008

Please go here for the code

8:51pm 09-19-2008
John Zawicki
The rotating LED circuit is really cool, I would love to build it for a school project! Is there a schematic available? Thank you, John
Replied on: 6:02pm 09-26-2008

Sorry, it isn't available right now.

10:17pm 09-12-2008

Is there a way to defuse the light from a led. They have a tight focus... In hopes.. grin..
Replied on: 11:34pm 09-12-2008

Hi Dave,

Yes there are many ways. The easiest is to scuff the head of the LED using some fine sand paper.

10:51am 08-25-2008
gostaria que me mandasse o codigo fonte em asm e tambem o projeto completo
com real time codigo fonte tambem em asm usando o pic 16f628a para apresentar
em uma feira de ciencias no BRASIL]
5:33pm 06-12-2008
I enjoyed your Stair lights Project. Good Idea....And I am getting ready to add one to my stairs. So soon I will order the kit. my field is in electronics and in electronics, you always tend to get amazed at things like this.....Good, wonderful, useful project...
8:06am 06-04-2008
Thanks for getting back so quickly. Good info...

8:26pm 06-03-2008
Got my order today and everything looks great. The 2 grouping of resistors I received were not marked to determine the differences can you provide some info to determine which is which? "resistors for large LED package " 470/360

Thanks for all of your help,
Replied on: 12:39am 06-04-2008

Hi Dave,

Here is a guide that should help.

4:39pm 05-24-2008
Superb. Want something like this on stage.
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