1:03am 02-06-2013
I'm used to putting 2.2k ohm resisters in series with an LED for 5vdc power. this says 56 ohm. Seems like a huge power flow. lol
Replied on: 1:33am 07-14-2013

Yes, LEDs will still light with very little current.

5:19am 02-05-2013
Tanaka Mungofa
Could you help me out with a digital fuel guage for a car...
Not sure if i placed my email ad in the right box
3:41am 02-04-2013
suggest me some good electronic mini projects of low cost. thanking you
8:32pm 01-16-2013
I am looking a kit of stair lights, could you tell me if yours works with 12 volt LED lights. If it is not possible, could you make one of 12 volt and how much is for it. Thank you. Jose Gutierrez
8:44am 01-15-2013
Not sure to look around or start building
10:42am 01-02-2013
hello sir i am 3rd year enginniring student and i have to make mini i am confused about what to plan is to do one small and sweet project to build knowledge can u give me please sir help me
4:43am 12-18-2012
have you gotten the hd clock kit
sorted yet
if so could you give me a price
best reagrsd
11:14pm 12-16-2012
Hi, i am trying to design a temperature controlled fan using LM35DZ. i have tried a number of circuits using lm741 opamp and lm358 dual opamp but nothing seems to work. i need your help in terms of a circuit diagram for this circuit. please
7:02pm 12-15-2012
Hey Alan,

I am a beginner electronics student at Millikin University and chose your PWM fan controller as my final project. I looked at your schematic and I don't know where collector of the NPN transistor goes. does that go to one of the leads on the molex connector of the fan. Any help would really be appreaciated.

Replied on: 7:34pm 12-15-2012

That gets connected to the negative of your fan. This is probably the black wire in your molex connector.

9:32am 12-06-2012

I saw the project of the Hard Drive Clock recently, so I decided to make one for my final work at technical school. Could you tell me some hints to make this job easier? I thought of using three colors of LEDs instead of two, for a better view of the colors, mainly under natural light. In what language did you write the source code? Could you send it to me?

Waiting for your response,

Replied on: 9:47pm 12-15-2012

You can get the code here.

It was written in PicBasic Pro

5:38am 11-24-2012
Lukasz Wr
Hi. I'm student on electronic.. I'm starting my adventure with microcontrollers.
This project is great! I built that.. I'm searching source code (program lighting leds step by step). Do You have that? Could You send me? or could I buy it from You?
Please help
9:27pm 08-25-2012
marco Avendaño
hi Allan mi name is Marco Avendaño from Bolivian please I need project propeller clock Build but pic please send me cost send la paz in Bolivian in kits ensambled tanks
Replied on: 12:37pm 09-27-2012

Hi Marco,

Everything that is available is shown on the project page. There is no kit for this project.

2:17pm 07-04-2012
I built the Stair Light project and everything works great. Thank you so much. I have a small request to make. Is it possible to send me (or buy) the source code for step by step lighting. I have the "all led on" version but I realy want the version to light each led step by step. Thank you so much, Lucian
Replied on: 12:41pm 09-27-2012

Yes, the code on the site if the basic one. Please email me for the one you would like.

8:59am 07-01-2012
Hi Alan!

Thank you for stair light project. It works perfectly. Is it possible to get the hex file, version 1.3 or 1.4? I tried to MicroCode Studio (MCSX) but show me an error. I have no experience with this. It would be very happy if they could get the new version.
Best regards

P. S. Sorry for my english.
Replied on: 12:44pm 09-27-2012

Please use the 2.56A version of PICBasic Pro.

11:45pm 05-27-2012
hello alan ,im very much impressed with your personality and your talents ..i would like to do things like you im sure i cant be you very much new to this field and i dont know where to start ,so can you help me by directing what are the things i have to know,i should study and giving a overall figure about this ,it will be very helpful to me ,,thanks
Replied on: 1:16pm 09-27-2012

You can start here.

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