1:05pm 09-30-2011
Gerri Acorn
Hi Alan, it was terrific seeing the article in the Free Press last weekend. Could you contact me at the email address above when you have a sec?


Replied on: 12:29am 10-10-2011

Good to hear from you Gerri.

7:22am 09-27-2011
Johann Uys
Hi Alan

Well done this encoder works like a charm and has a 1000 uses.

Simpler you cannot get.
Replied on: 12:28am 10-10-2011

Thanks for the feedback Johann!

7:21am 09-21-2011
i wanted to build an automated device for my project using the parts of a cd drive. can i use the same circuit to program the automation? wat i mean is can i change the program of the cd drive? im a mechanical engineer and i dont know much about programming. please help.
Replied on: 12:28am 10-10-2011

No you would not be able to change the CD-ROM firmware, you will need to add a custom microcontroller to add the functionality you need.

4:15pm 09-09-2011
Thank you
Replied on: 12:28am 09-16-2011

No problem.

5:29pm 08-27-2011
Hi Alan
I would like to buy your staircase light project kit. However, i can mount IR on one side of the not on the other. Instead of breaking the beam, Is it possible to use the PIR motion sensor with some modifications.

Replied on: 12:34am 09-16-2011

Hi Saga,

Yes, the stair lighting kit can work with dry contact devices such as motion sensors and under carpet pressure sensors. Please see page 35 of the manual for details.

You will need two additional resistors which can be found here

The beam needs to be mounted on opposite sides of the stairwell to work properly.

If you are looking for a system with more features please have a look at the Reactive Lighting system.

4:06am 08-12-2011
Replied on: 10:35am 08-19-2011

The IR Jammer is a device that overwhelms an IR detector so that normal commands can not be received.

12:44pm 08-06-2011
hi alan....
thats gr8
7:16am 07-28-2011
Ernest Cordeiro
Hi Alan - I purchased the stair light system a few months back while completing my basement. I have finished it and installed the lights and they are fabulous. People love the system and many have inquired about it. My friends on FB are impressed and I have pointed them in your direction - please expect a few hits and some orders of the same.
Replied on: 10:34am 08-19-2011

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the promotion to your friends.

9:25pm 07-17-2011
Hi Alan,
I was looking to see how did you make that hard drive motorcycle. I thought it was so cool and I would like to make one for my uncle.
Replied on: 12:35am 09-16-2011

Yes it looked great. It was just featured on Hacked Gadgets though and was not made by me.

11:31am 07-15-2011
Hi Alan,
I could help and recommend a PIC Programmer, to record the (stair_ver1_0.exe) in the pic16f628
Replied on: 12:07pm 07-15-2011

Hi Kurt,

I would recommend a PICKit 2 or 3.

7:52pm 07-13-2011
Hi Alan, I'm from mexico and new in the electronics, I have problem to mount the LEDs on the plates R1, R2 Stair Lights will be possible to put a picture in the manual did suchas IR Transmitter Assembly, I am very clear about the configuration through I hope you can help me and my email is
Replied on: 6:20am 07-14-2011

Hi Flor,

You can see on this page how the PCB connections are made.

This project shows you the step by step process of using one to power an LED.

3:10am 06-20-2011
Dear Alan,

Hi, Can you please send me the diagram for the analogue car temp and fuel gauge to digital conversion. Please send it to my email address. I need it badly thanks !

Replied on: 8:08am 06-30-2011

This sounds like a project on Hacked Gadgets. Most of those project are just featured there. Please check for a link within the article for more info.

8:55pm 06-19-2011
Dear Alan Hi!, Thanks for this nice POV project. I want to assemble the rotating led display. Pl. send me the circuit diagram and the source code.
Thanks and with regards.
Gurjeet Sandhu
Replied on: 8:09am 06-30-2011

Sorry, that project was done long ago and unfortunately I don't have the code for it.

6:12am 06-18-2011
can u suggest a method to build an RF reader which can hav a range upto 100 meters or above?
Replied on: 8:12am 06-30-2011

There are long range ones but I am not sure about 100 meters.

9:46am 05-30-2011
Larry Graham
I liked this progect it is something I would like to try myself.
Replied on: 8:13am 06-30-2011

Great! Let me know how it works out.

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