5:28am 05-26-2011
Brian Park
You used sliprings to get the power to the rotor (You will damage the bearings passing current through them). I did the same thing with the following differences: A 4: circular circuit board carries the LEDs, a 6808 microcontroller, and a 27turn coil around its outside. Another 9turn coil or slightly larger diameter is mounted stationary close to the rotating coil. It is driven from 4 FETs and another microcontroller. The stationary controller accepts input from a serial link (or has a self-running program) and drives the outer coil at 27KHz. The inner (rotating) coil picks up power by induction, and powers the rotating controller and LEDs. The information is sent by +/-90 phase modulation of the 27KHz. No sliprings needed. If you are interested in the design data for this, send me an email.
Replied on: 8:18am 06-30-2011

Interesting idea. Sounds like something that would be great to feature on Hacked Gadgets if you would like.

5:05am 05-26-2011
Brian Park
Comment about your meter clock: Your meters are way underdamped. You can fix this. The meter will be (I assume) a standard D'arsonval movement with a resistor in series to set the voltage scale. Disconnect meter from clock. Find the direct connection to the movement and connect a resistor substitution box directly across the meter. shake the meter (rotationally, about its axis, to cause the meter to deflect). With the meter movement shorted, you will have a grossly overdamped response (almost nothing). (That is how meters are shipped). Start with high resistance, and work down. Decrease resistance until the meter is critically damped (resistance that just stops the overshoot). You want to modify the resistor network to present that resistance to the meter. You will need to reduce the series resistance to restore the voltage calibration (roughly, anyway). Then you won't have all that bouncing going from 59 to 0 or 11 to 0
Replied on: 8:20am 06-30-2011

Great idea, I never would have thought to do that. I will need to give it a try on the next meter project!

3:33am 05-18-2011
hi alan, how to change the 5600 rpm hex code to a faster hard disk that run 12000 rpm? hex file.thnks
Replied on: 8:22am 06-30-2011

There are variables in the code that set the hand width and other widths, they will need to be adjusted by trial and error. You will need to compile the new HEX after each modification.

8:30am 05-14-2011
Hi Alan, i had build your Hard dirve clock but when power up a short time the led will going off, why? pls give some advise, the led just very bright at start but going dim in a few second, and go off. is any problem with the code i burn, i can't find 2n4401, so i use S8050 instead. and the index sensor hole i drill only 3mm is that ok?
Replied on: 8:25am 06-30-2011

There are quite a few new drives that have some type of failure recovery mode. It looks like yours has this mode. I am not sure if there is a way to disable it.

Those replacements should be fine.

5:09am 05-06-2011
I would like to know if you can make me a device just like IR Remote Control Jammer that would work also on 58khz or maybe you can modify one of this device and add the 58khz frequency to it.Please give me an answer and estimated price including 58khz frequency. Also if you are kind to answer me if this device block the acousto magnetic frequency. Thank you very much!
Replied on: 8:27am 06-30-2011

Yes it would be possible. The code is free to download and modify.

At the moment there is no option to have custom firmware created by us since we are very busy. Sorry.

1:41pm 05-01-2011
hello Alan
can you help me to construct a cnc router . i do not know how the stepper motor works and its controlling system . Or do you sell cnc routers? Thanks
Replied on: 8:15am 06-30-2011

The kit I purchased was from here.

Here is some details about it

11:49pm 04-30-2011
Hey Alan
What is the status on the 12v stair lighting system?
Replied on: 8:15am 06-30-2011

Hi Dave,

You can see it here.

12:23am 04-29-2011
Great note with regard to automotive app's - 9 out of 10 people never consider this detail.
6:44pm 04-18-2011
vinayan joseph
I am from mississauga , canada.....
interested to learn more about your projects....
i have been electronics R&D for more than 10 years...
Replied on: 8:17am 06-30-2011

Great! DIY electronics is a great place to start.

4:55pm 04-07-2011
Julia Alaniz
Do you still have the DraftMaster RX pen plotter?
Replied on: 8:28am 06-30-2011

It was just featured in a Hacked Gadgets article (it isn't mine)

8:56pm 04-01-2011
fei zhou
Hi alan
.i am glad to se this site,butdo i need get an ID?
9:55am 03-22-2011
back to the FUTURE
9:50pm 03-21-2011
Hi alan,

this is abhi from India.
i went through your rfid reader circuit and i was impressed with it.i am about to make my finaly year project based on rfid tagging and would appreciate your guidance.
Replied on: 8:31am 06-30-2011

There should be a link in the Hacked Gadgets article.

12:16pm 03-09-2011
is there no any circuit about listing of cell phone around the area 1 km
Replied on: 8:31am 06-30-2011

I have never heard of that being available.

1:04am 03-06-2011
sangamesh gaded
can i get simulation results for solar recorder project(pic18f458)
Replied on: 8:29am 06-30-2011

There should be a link in the Hacked Gadgets article.

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