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7:46pm 02-10-2011
Are your products available and what would I need to install 6-8 led lights along my staircase?
Thank you,
Replied on: 8:32am 06-30-2011

Yes, you can find info here.

4:32pm 02-07-2011
Alarm Phone Dialer - uses MT8880 and PIC 16F84A

Hi please please I need more information about this project
Like code component......ect
Thanks to much
Replied on: 8:32am 06-30-2011

1:40am 02-05-2011
Have you managed to bring out the 12v system yet on the Stair kit ?
Replied on: 6:46am 02-05-2011

Not yet. Please check back in April.

2:06pm 01-17-2011
Andy G
The stair controller is a fantastic idea.I am definitely interested.Can the child alert be activated in the latest version and does the assembled unit come in a housing?
Replied on: 6:50am 02-05-2011

There is an low voltage, low current output that can be used for whatever you want in this version. The unit does not come in a housing however one can be purchased locally. There are lots of generic alarm cabinets that would work just fine for this unit.

8:51pm 01-15-2011
I have a question about spinning led display,, can I program the text that I want to appear?
Replied on: 6:51am 02-05-2011

You can make it say whatever you want.

4:01pm 12-11-2010
david s. ballestas
I was referring to the ultra sound
3:58pm 12-11-2010
david s. ballestas
I will like to know how much is the soft ware to do it with an iphone or any microsoft phone. thank you I was very impress
Replied on: 8:33am 06-30-2011

There should be info in the Hacked Gadgets article.

1:58pm 12-09-2010
i want to remodel mine
1:57pm 12-09-2010
Hey alan how are u doing just want to know how did u remodel that psp cause i like it thanks
Replied on: 6:53am 02-05-2011

Must have been something featured on Hacked Gadgets, there should be a link with more info.

12:01am 12-06-2010
and sir if it is possible so also send circuit diagram to it projects.
thank you
11:58pm 12-05-2010
hi sir
i am a diploma student in Gujarat and i wont to make rotating led display on Microcontroller based so it is possible?
if yes so i want to codding of microcontroller.
Replied on: 6:56am 02-05-2011

Sorry, there is no code that was saved for that project.

5:40am 11-25-2010
Replied on: 6:55am 02-05-2011

Good to hear from you.

11:46am 11-23-2010
Charles Pooley
Your rotating display reminded one I designed as a disco effect in 1980. 3 propeller blades with 64 LEDs on each. Made various swirling patterns randomly and synced with sound. Needed a dark room as LEDs then were nothing like today

current obsession Microlaunchers (google that)
8:01pm 11-15-2010
Saroj sahu
Respected Mr. Parekh,
Today I saw your site, I am new in this scenario. I work to popularise science in rural and tribal societies of orissa. I was searching for some DIY projects when I stumbled upon your site. Felt very happy. Can I take some advice on these thing in future. Thanking you Saroj Sahu, PURI, Orissa, India.
Replied on: 6:54am 02-05-2011

Yes you can.

8:13am 10-14-2010
Brendan Conlon
i bought some ocean blue 6000k LEDs from your website. do you still sell them? where do i find them on your website
Replied on: 8:37am 10-15-2010

You can find them in the store (there is a link at the top of the page that will take you there)

Here is the LED category page:


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