1:50pm 01-22-2015
craig schuld
Hi Alan
I have been trying to get my lighting system working for quite some time and now have found that the IR transmitter is not reflecting through a camera like the other one does. I come to the conclusion that the IR transmitter is bad and would like a new one sent to me please. Any questions please email me thanks.
Replied on: 5:37pm 01-22-2015

Hi Craig,

Sorry to hear about this. Please email me (I don't have yours).


7:02pm 03-22-2014
Hi Alan
Do you still have the Pic basic code for the Hard drive clock test patern.
i have read the code HDClock.bas2 ,but there is nothing in there for the test patern.If possible i'd like to get a copy via email ,tks
Replied on: 5:39pm 01-22-2015

Hi Ronald,

That is the correct file, if I remember correctly the test pattern only occurs during the start-up period.


9:00pm 03-07-2014
I have 15 stairs your info on stair lighting states circuit bd. has 10 outputs. Is there any way to install 15 led and can two leds be installed on each output. hopefully will be purchasing from you soon thanks
6:44am 11-07-2013
Dear Mr. Parekh
nice to know persons like you. i want to know more information about making NERF gun,
thank you very much
Replied on: 12:37pm 11-29-2013

All of the info available is listed in the project article.

6:22am 11-01-2013
Hi I am Mohit I from Mumbai,India.
I currently was checking out rotating led display whose circuit diagram and code are arnt uploaded on the page.
Could you please do ? That would be of immense help.
Replied on: 12:37pm 11-29-2013

Sorry, this project was make a long time ago. What is on the project page is all that is available.

9:36am 10-31-2013
Am aby . I haven't received any mail for my question ? I would like to know more about stair light system . How much it will cost ( full assembled one ) ? Can I install myself or need any technical person ? Plz give me am answer ASAP .
Thank u
Aby .
Replied on: 12:38pm 11-29-2013

you can find details of the stair lighting kit here.

7:21am 08-05-2013
Derick Biddinger
Hi Alan, I am working on a Star Trek themed room for a client and they came across your youtube video of the staircase with the blue LED lighting on each side activated in a individual sequence. They want me to install that same type project. Can you give me a price on a complete assembled components package of everything that I would need? There are 14 steps up a straight staircase. You can call or e-mail me about this project, 850-303-3234 (Derick)
Replied on: 12:39pm 11-29-2013

you can find details of the stair lighting kit here.

11:11am 07-06-2013
jitendra khare
pls send me the price of ROTATING LED DISPLAY and shipping charge or details. I am from India , Chhattishgarh , Dist.- bilaspur.
And also send me if u had Cellphone controlled switching(DTMF) kit.
Replied on: 1:26am 07-14-2013

sorry, it isn't for sale.

3:15pm 04-30-2013
Andy SUB
Hi Alan,
Excellent website.
How much maximum current can be handle by passed to light up high power LED.
I am newbie in electronic and going to build Fish Tank Light as my first electronic project for my fish tank.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
Andy SUB
Replied on: 1:27am 07-14-2013

Depends on the LED. You will need to look at the datasheet.

6:04am 04-05-2013
i want rotating led display kit
Replied on: 1:29am 07-14-2013

sorry, it isn't available.

4:27pm 04-04-2013
hi Alan, i have seen you impressive work, but i have some ideas that we can share if possible help me to develop them. regards
Replied on: 1:31am 07-14-2013

At this time I am not looking to take on any additional projects.

7:09am 04-03-2013
Mario Markov
Dear Alan,
Please offer me Stair Lighting Controller Kit.
Shipment to Europe, Croatia, 10000 Zagreb.
Many Thaks!
Best regards
Replied on: 1:32am 07-14-2013

It is calculated automatically during checkout.

11:57am 03-25-2013
I'm from Peru. I'm going to do a spinning LED's project, but it's going to be used as a 2D spinning that you can place onto your bicicle wheels. Your project just gave me some hints. If you are interested, get in touch with me to see my project when it's done =).
Replied on: 1:34am 07-14-2013

Great, send it in when you are done.

1:42pm 03-11-2013
hola soy de peru estoy tratando de hacer un calentador por induccion pero sin resultados positivos hasta me podrias enviar el diagrama de tu calentador hice el de la pagina checo pero no resulto vi tu trabajo pero no veo el diagrama muchas gracias de antemano arequipa peru
9:19am 03-02-2013
I watched the PWM fan controller with temp sensor and i really liked.

Now I'd like to make my own fan controller for my computer since any of the commercialized controllers aren't for my likes.

I'd like to control more than a single fan.

So: Is there any way(I'm sure there is) to control 5 fans with individually parameters?

Thanks in advance
Replied on: 1:37am 07-14-2013

Yes, but you would need to use a larger microcontroller with additional I/O lines.

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